Rachel’s Virtues

Benjamin Franklin came up with a list of virtues in his days, while most are still relevant, I decided to modify it to fit my 21st century values. Here it is:

Self-discipline — First and foremost, to get anything done, one needs to have self-control. Success is about focusing on the right priority and priority is about making trade-offs; saying no to many things and yes to a few.

Tranquility — Seek inner peace and avoid noisy environment to achieve clarity. Only in tranquility can one be truly creative and original.

Excellence — Always strive for the best. Lofty, ambitious goals follow by quality work create value economically and emotionally.

Resolute — Honour one’s words and oneself, execute on what you seek to do. Promises, goals and dreams are all resolutions with different levels of conviction.

Preparation — Without preparation, one does not have the energy to survive, thrive and endure. Preparation helps us to adapt to uncertainty on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Order — There is a process, system and order to everything. Order is not antagonistic towards chaos but complements it for order emerges out chaos and brings wisdom to it.

Industriousness — Work hard and diligently towards every single task one sets out to do with integrity, only then can one achieve one’s resolution.

Silence — Only say what is beneficial, knowledgeable and good with a moderate tone. Otherwise, silence is best to avoid disturbance, paranoia and false information.

Compassion — Have empathy and compassion towards oneself and others. The journey of life is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete so make it a kind and memorable experience.

Sincerity — Maintain honesty and sincerity in all day-to-day dealings, look out and look after fellow beings. Be direct but be respectful to all beings on the planet.

Frugal — Don’t be wasteful. Aim to reserve financial, natural, mental and emotional resources as there is compound interest to everything. Be frugal and efficient by only taking what is necessary.

Curiosity — Be open to different opinions, strange ideas and odd people as long as they are within one’s ethical boundary.

Moderation — Be aware of extreme opinions, beliefs and behaviours put forward by society. Always undertake an analysis based on the relevant context and in a rational manner.

Independence — Stand out from the crowd. Hold your own beliefs even if they seem wrong. Freedom of thought is important in a world of homogeneity. Understand the fine line between insider and outsider; group loyalty and individual self-interest.

Humility — Know thyself and have adequate self-awareness to stay true to yourself. Stay humble by gaining a broader understanding of civics life and one’s role in it by mixing with a diverse cohort of people.

Humanity — Be fair and pursue humanitarian causes, not only to seek justice but provide opportunities for those who are less fortunate than us. We can’t choose where we are born.